“I truly have no words. Chris and I are both a puddle on the floor and completely emotional. It is BEYOND!!! We could never dream up a film that captures our love more beautifully. We will cherish it forever.”

—Katrina Manzi 

“We are completely blown away. I can’t tell you how much we treasure having these memories preserved. It is so incredibly special, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It took us right back to that wonderful happy warm joyful day and I’m thrilled we can share this and watch together for years to come. Thank you!!!”

—Anne Hurd

“Many many thanks for this incredible gift – we will always cherish these films. They capture so much of the magic of our wedding weekend. And so many friends commented that they didn’t know you were even there!”


—Jesse Cox

Shooting Style

More than anything, we are known for being extra discreet and unobtrusive. We strive to minimize the impact on the day and be seen as little as possible.

About Keith

What can I say, I love making movies—from commercial films to weddings—I  love it all. I started with photography, purchasing my first Nikon at 14, and Hasselblad at 17, filmed my first wedding for a family friend a few years later and landed my first paying shoot soon after that. It has been over 20 years and today few things still thrill me more than capturing that perfect shot at the perfect moment.

In 2003, when digital cinema cameras were introduced, I made the transition to movies and never looked back. Love the look. Love the challenge. Love the sound!

I’ve been fortunate to see the world through my lenses—aborigines in Papua New Guinea; catacombs in Paris; sharks and mantas off the reefs of Australia; grizzlies in Alaska; wolves in Montana and wild mustangs in Wyoming. I’ve filmed celebrity weddings, intimate elopements, and everything in between, but nothing makes me happier than filming my wife, 2 kids, and 3 pups from my back porch in the suburbs of Massachusetts.

You can see some of my ‘for fun’ photos and videos at www.keithsoucy.net
What Makes Us Different

As you explore the demo reel, notice how each film is unique, that I do not use a formula, per se, but instead approach each wedding as a blank white sheet, waiting to see where the day takes me.

More than anything, I am known for being extra discreet and unobtrusive. You’ll notice in my samples online, you feel like you are watching by peeking around the corner. That’s pretty much how I like to film it: while being seen as little as possible. My team uses the highest quality cinema cameras and equipment [currently Red Epic-W and Canon C300mkII]. Our equipment is small, light-sensitive, in some cases specially designed, and when combined with our filming techniques allow us to record the best possible image and sound while minimizing the impact on your day.

I prefer not to pose or stage shots, and I’ll never walk down the aisle behind you, stand with you at the altar, or do anything that might be distracting.

I like to film for both the full Documentary and Highlight coverage. If you are not sure the full-length Documentary is right for you, come visit us at our Westford studio to view a few. Most folks that that do end up wanting both versions.

Standard Package

Every film package is custom tailored, but the following is a good place to start:

•  Full day of filming (8+ hours) resulting in both a 1+ hour Documentary film and 3-7minute Highlight film
•  3-5 cameras, 2 camera operators (Keith + 2nd camera person)
•  Professional sound recording equipment
•  50-80 hours editing
•  Licensed music
•  All footage processed and edited to a 1+ hour Documentary film
•  3-7 minute Highlights film edited to music (our samples online)
•  Film presented in a heirloom quality wood USB drive or Blu-ray DVD




Every wedding is so unique I like to quote each individually. The rate varies depending on the time of year, day of the week, location(s), number of camera people, etc. In general, you can expect your film budget to be comparable to your high-end photography budget.

To give you a ballpark, full day coverage with Keith and a 2nd camera person starts around $8k. Many summer Saturdays on Cape Cod and the Islands start at $10k.

Next Steps

This is an easy one: If you like what you see online, either give me a ring at 781.698.9677 or send me a email to confirm that I’m available on your wedding day, and so we can schedule a quick phone chat to fill me in on the details you are planning.

I limit myself to a dozen or so weddings per season and typically book a year in advance, but give me a try—you never know (especially if you were referred by a photographer). There are only a few open slots left for 2017 but if I’m unavailable for your day, I’m always happy to recommend other filmmakers in the area.

To reduce costs, can we hire just Keith without the second camera person?
These days I always film with at least 2 camera people. One of the greatest benefits of video is that you will get to see and hear things that you missed during your wedding day. While you’re in one location, getting dressed or taking pictures, the second camera will be filming guests and other activities that you missed. Without a second camera person, those additional experiences would be greatly reduced.

Who will be filming my wedding?
For weddings, I am always the primary camera operator and final editor. I do not use associate teams. Any additional camera crew assisting me are always seasoned wedding professionals. My daughter, Heather, is often my assistant or 2nd camera.

Do you travel outside of New England?
Yes! Love to, especially anywhere new or off the beaten path. Ask for details.









Want to see more?

These are just the highlight films. Please contact us to view the full-length 1-2 hour Documentary versions.